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Jacuzzi Covers:
Jacuzzi Thermal Hard Cover

Jacuzzi Cover on Boxed Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi Thermal Hard Covers are designed with the end user in mind. Tappered from the inside out, it is designed to form a little roof on top of your spa. These covers are reinforced on the inner folds and have netting on the underside to prevent algea growth.

People are very much under the impression that these covers are for keeping the dust and dirt out of the spa, but in actual fact are designed to help the water heat up quicker and in this way saving you a lot of electricity and frustration.

Jacuzzi cover closed on a Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi cover open on a jacuzzi

Something important to remember!!

If your Jacuzzi is outside and is exposed to the elements, you should ask your supplier for a PVC cover. Being waterproof and UV resistant, it will last much longer than the synthetic leather one. You can safely wipe your cover with metholated spirits to keep it clean.

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