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Jacuzzi Water Heaters:

Usualy seen as the most common thing to get repaired, the Jacuzzi water heating system does have a few weaknesses. First of all, it will burnout if switched on without water passing over the element. Secondly, the thermostat can become faulty. This will result in the heater not working at all, or the heater not switching off and the water getting hotter and hotter. Please be careful not to warm your Jacuzzi higher than 50 degrees, as Delamination will take place and your Jacuzzi will be damaged.

2 Kw Jacuzzi Hard Water Heating Element
2 Kw Jacuzzi Hard Water Heating Element

The Jacuzzi Water heating element is a unique creation. With many uneducated companies installing the wrong type of element for the Jacuzzi Water Heating System. Installing a geyser element in a Jacuzzi can cost you more money than just installing the more expensive Jacuzzi hard water element in the first place.

The difference between the geyser element and the Jacuzzi hard water element is that the hard water element is reinforced to handle the, "microscopic", metal particles that are naturally present in water.

With some Jacuzzi Jet Pumps, pumping up to 36 000 liters of water per hour, these "microscopic metal particles" collide with the hot element, resulting in a constant bombardment of the element, which when hot, is much softer that when it is cold.

This constant bombardment leads to the element being punctured and then trips the electricity


4 Kw Jacuzzi Hard Water Heating Element
4 Kw Jacuzzi Hard Water Heating Element

Every element is color coded and can easily be identified by the disc on the back of the element.

  1. 2000 W Jacuzzi Hard Water Element - Red
  2. 3000 W Jacuzzi Hard Water Element - Orange
  3. 4000 W Jacuzzi Hard Water Element - Blue

Below is an example of a 2000 W Geyser Element

2000 W Geyser Element

When deciding on a heating system for your Jacuzzi it is important to take in to consideration what type of power supply you need.

The right heating element to install in your Jacuzzi will be a 4000 W Hard Water Element, which should heat your Jacuzzi up in +/- 4-5 hours, providing you have an insulating Jacuzzi cover and the heating element is not more than 3 meters from the Jacuzzi.

When installing a 4000 W Hard Water Element on your Jacuzzi, it is very important to have the right power supply feeding the element.

By installing a 4 mm twin and earth cable, supplied from a 30 Amp Circuit Breaker in your houses main Distribution Box, you should have ample power to run all the components on your Jacuzzi without anything tripping, or your house burning down.

It is important to understand this concept, as some electric cables are designed only to take a certain amount of current before it starts overheating and then either tripping the power or becomes a potential fire hazard.

The 2000 W Jacuzzi Hard Water Element is the only one that can be plugged in to a normal house plug.

Many contractors, who claim they know Jacuzzi's, will unknowingly install a geyser element, not being concerned about your safety or well being. Please ensure you use a professional to work on your Jacuzzi and you will have hours of fun in it.

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