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Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell:
Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell

Manufacturer from SABS approved acrylic, the Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell meets the highest industry standard and comes in two variations. ABS, which is a low grade sanitary acrylic, used to manufacture contractor type baths. This ABS material does not have much of a life expectance and dulls fairly quickly.

On the other hand, High Grade Sanitary Acrylic is UV resistant and delivers a superior finish that will make your Jacuzzi stand out in any enviroment. With 5 Colors to choose from you are sure to get the right color for your taste. The nice thing about High Grade Sanitary Acrylic is that if your bath should dull, you are able to restore it to its full splendour in a matter of hours.

The Acrylic is basically the finish of your surface and is reinforced with fibreglass at the back to give it strength. There are a few things to do that will help your Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell shine and perform at its peak for years to come.

Over Heating a Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell

When the Jacuzzi gets manufactered originally, a flat Acrylic sheet is used and then heated to about 141 degrees. Once at the desired temperature, it is removed from the oven and placed on a vacuum mould that extracts the air and leaves you with the desired shape and size. After that it is reinforced with fibreglass to give it strength.

Where the problem comes in is when the Shell is then again heated above 45 degrees the acrylic wants to return to its original flat state. Once this happens, small cracks start to appear on the surface of the shell, just a few at first, but will eventually cover the whole surface of the Jacuzzi and then its time for a new one.

Cleaning Your Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell

Most of the household detergents leave a residue, so its not advised to use things like sunlight liquid or Handy Andy to clean the Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell. Simply get some metholated Spirits and gently wipe the Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell till clean.

Metholated Spirits can be used to clean the cover too.

How To Repair Your Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell

Cracks sometimes develop because of faulty installations or misuse of the Jacuzzi. Repairing these cracks are simple, but you must remember to keep in mind what caused the crack in the first place.

If it was a faulty installation, repairing the crack might be senseless unless you reinstall the bath so that it is supported correctly. The only way to find out if your Jacuzzi has been installed correctly, is to take out the water and then with your knuckles, tap the floor of the Jacuzzi to feel for support.

When tapping and you do not feel solid support under the floor but rather a hollow sound, your Jacuzzi might not be installed correctly. This will lead to the Jacuzzi hanging on the rim. With some Jacuzzi's taking up to 1600 litres of water this would mean that the rim of the Jacuzzi is supporting 1,6 Tons of weight and was never designed to do that.

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