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First of All: Congratulations on successfully navigating to this site. You have taken the first step in becoming more familiar with your Jacuzzi. Utilizing your Jacuzzi can be an awesome experience, but if used incorrectly can damage your muscles. The original designers of the Jacuzzi used it to massage a boy who had severe arthiritis and through the years it has developed into a bath used for entertainment.

Not only is the Jacuzzi a therapy unit, but it is the ideal place to relax and unwind from the days stress. With many soothing Hydro Therapy Massage Jets working away at the knots and tension in your muscles you are also recieving the benefit of sitting in oxygen rich water, which in turn helps with skin complextion. Combine this with the soothing effect of the warm water and you have a recipe for the ultimate relaxation experience, with the added benefit of the healing power of oxygen rich water.

The owner and founder of The Pool & Spa Specialist, has dedicated his time and effort since 2004 to learning and experimenting with the Jacuzzi, so that you the end user can tap in to the full power and healing effect these awesome units offer. With superior knowledge and experience in all aspects of the Jacuzzi, we can offer you reliable advice and expert opinion in regards to choosing the right therapy unit for your needs.

If you already are the owner of one of these Hydro Therapy Units and you need repaired, please feel free to use any of our reference sections to determine what the problem might be. To see a list of parts on a Jacuzzi please Click Here. If you have no idea what it is called and you want to see a list of parts with pictures, please Click Here.

Jacuzzi & Spa

Jacuzzi build into ground with pvc hard cover

10 Jacuzzi Therapy Units to choose from. Each one designed to cater for a special need.

We want to help you purchase the right unit for your needs.

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Parts of a Jacuzzi

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Use this handy list to find out more about your Jacuzzi. Just identify the part you want to know about and CLICK IT!!

Easy navigation, with detailed descriptions of how each component works.

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Jacuzzi Repairs

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Jacuzzi repairs can be a costly exercise in Johannesburg Gauteng. With many companies not delivering on their promises.

Just select the part in this section you think has the problem and read all about repairing your Jacuzzi.

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Swimming Pools

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We can take the headache out of maintaining your pool.

With so many quality pool products & accessories on the market, we are sure you will find something here that will make your life easier.

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We have the largest range, We also Service and Repair Jacuzzi's in Johannesburg Gauteng.
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Tired of paying huge amounts at a Day Spa just to get rid of your stress.

Speak to one of our helpful consultants and purchase your own unit, delivered and installed, hassle FREE A.S.A.P...

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Portable 4 Seater with cover installed.
R 26 699.00 incl. (t's & c's apply)


Portable 6-7 Seater with cover installed.
R 29 799.00 incl. (t's & c's apply).


Portable 10 Seater with cover installed.
R 39 699.00 incl. (t's & c's apply).


Executive Rim flow Jacuzzi with cover installed.
R 58 999.00 incl. (t's & c's apply).

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