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Jacuzzi Air Switches:
2 Way Jacuzzi Air Switches
2 Way Jacuzzi Air Switch

2 Way Jacuzzi Air Switches are an inovative design, that has taken the headache out of designing a user friendly, safe Jacuzzi. Activated by the bellow buttons on top of Your Jacuzzi, it allows for safe operation without the end user being exposed to electrical shock. Simple design, yet effective beyond comparison. Has a simple on/off function and can control one component at a time.

4 Way Jacuzzi Air Switches
4 Way Jacuzzi Air Switch

The 4 Way Jacuzzi Air Switch works in basically the same way as the 2 Way Jacuzzi Air Switch, only that it can control 3 components from the same switch. So, put in a simple way, press it once and it activates a component, press it twice with a split second interval and it activates something else. Pressing it 3 times with split second intervals, will activate a third component. In order to deactivate a specific component, you must repeat the action you performed to activate it.

It might sound a little complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, its very simple.

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